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Projects - Retail Centers

First USA Bank Center and Parking Structure - Wilmington, Delaware - $62 million (3) Three-story office buildings, 440,000 sf, composite steel/concrete. Multi-use retail mall connector, 50,000 sf (3) Two-level parking structures for about 1,800 cars, precast concrete. Project cancelled at 90% construction documents.
Lucky Strike Building/Tobacco Row - Richmond, Virginia - Evaluation of existing 80-year-old wood/steel and concrete building for retail, parking, and residential development.
Libbie Place Shopping Center - Richmond, Virginia - $4 million four-phase, single-story shopping center, 120,000 sf. Precast concrete panels on structural steel frame.
Pleasants Hardware - Richmond - $3 million new hardware store, 65,000 sf masonry bearing/shear walls, structural steel frame.
Kroger Center at Westlake - Franklin County - $2.5 million 47,500 sf single-story, retail and theater complex. Structural steel frame.
Smith Mountain Lake Office and Retail Complex - Franklin County - $1.6 million 24,000 sf two-story, office/retail building.
Lady Byrd Renovation - Richmond - $1.5 million feasibility study for renovation of 100+ year-old- building for retail, office, and apartment use.
Safeway Store #1399 - Jacksonville, Maryland - $1.3 million addition and renovation of an existing supermarket, 11,000 sf. Renovation work included the removal of existing canopies and major bearing walls.
Millmont Shops - Charlottesville - $1 million one-story retail outlet shops in two buildings. The main building has an unusual geometry with decorative entries and is divided by an expansion joint.
115/201 W. Broad Street Richmond - $1 million renovation of five-story, old downtown buildings for residential, retail, and office use. Modification of existing wood-framed floor, raise floors with new light-gauge framing system.
Ethan Allen - Fredericksburg - $1 million single-story shopping center. Conventional steel construction, beam and joist, braced frame.
Rite-Aid #21042 - Staunton, Virginia - $750,000 project
East Coast Convenience Store and Gas Station - Virginia and North Carolina - $250,000 2,850 sf convenience stores. Standing seam roof on bar joist on masonry walls with large window openings.
Hanover Bullets - Hanover County - A $200,000 2,100 sf fast food restaurant. The building is "L" shaped with canopies, bowstring joist and interior seating. Web Hosting

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