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Company Profile

Fox + Associates is located in Richmond, Virginia and was established in 1992 to provide professional consulting structural engineering services to a broad variety of clients. The firm is engaged in, and has to date completed a wide range of projects in both type and size.

Fox + Associates Map
Click here for a larger map States: Delaware (DE), Georgia (GA), Maryland (MD), Mississippi (MS), North Carolina (NC), Oklahoma (OK), Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), Washington DC, and West Virginia (WV).

Professional Objectives
  • Meet the design objectives of clients by the application of engineering science and experience
  • Communicate flexibly, responsively and proactively with clients, related professionals and contractors
  • Design innovative and easily constructable projects
  • Strive for low construction cost
  • Produce thorough, high quality construction documents
  • Execute code compliant designs
  • Focus on accurate bids and minimal consultation during construction
  • Meet deadlines

  • Personnel
    • Clive Fox, PE, Principal, established the firm in January 1992. 44 yrs exp
    • John Ireland III, PE Vice President, joined the firm in May 1997. 34 yrs exp
    • Melody Haller LEED AP, BS, VP, Structural Designer, joined May 1993. 29 yrs exp
    • Malisa Kerens, BS, Office Administrator, joined the firm in May 1997. 28 yrs exp
    • Dennis Rozema, Design Assistant, joined the firm in December 2007. 17 yrs exp
    • Brian Bremner, Design Assistant, joined the firm January 2014. 12 yrs exp
  • Professional Engineering Licenses

    PE License Chart
  • Document Production
    Construction documents are produced in the latest versions of Autodesk's AutoCAD and Revit Structure. Large format b/w and color plotters are used for reproduction of construction documents. Web Hosting

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